The Circular Screen for a Smart Table

With the continuous advancement of display technology, display forms are gradually diversified. Special-shaped screens also include circular screens and square screens. This article will mainly focus on the analysis of the market potential of circular screens. The circular screen was first proposed by AUO and mass-produced related products. A few days ago, BOE also mass-produced a 23.6” circular screen, and made some upgrades in brightness/resolution and other specifications. For example, the brightness can reach 1500nits, and the operating temperature range -20~70℃, suitable for semi-outdoor and outdoor scenes.

The following lists 4 types of LCD circular screens that have been used in scenarios:

1.Dining tables in coffee shops/restaurants/bars:

Chance recently launched a 23.6” circular screen for use in dining tables in coffee shops, bars, restaurants, etc. Customers can Realize the touch menu on the table, play games in the gap before serving meals, and interact with other table customers through the display screen, which not only increases convenience, but also allows customers to pass the boring time.

Figure 1: 23.6” Normal Bar Table VS 23.6” LCD Bar Table

2.Slot machine:

The slot machine mainly includes four major display parts (Topper/Top/Main/Button Deck). Another potential application on slot machines is the Wheel of Fortune machine. This game originated from a TV show. It is a lucky turntable game that uses the turntable to get random numbers. The LCD circular screen may be used to replace the mechanical turntable in the future, thus improving the machine. Aesthetics and user immersion.

Figure 2: Composition of Slot Machine Product Structure

3.Picture frame:

Presumably everyone has seen the scene of placing a circular decorative painting in the living room porch more or less in life. The birth of the circular display makes the decorative painting no longer a single one, and you can change the picture at will according to your preferences.

Figure 3: LCD circular picture frame Image source: BOE

4.Store door:

The circular display screen is applied to the store door and is generally used to display the store logo. Compared with the ordinary light board display, the LCD circular screen can play animation advertisements to attract more customers to stop, so as to achieve drainage for the store Effect.

The applicable scenarios of circular screens are not limited to the ones listed above. The circular displays that can be seen everywhere in life will have the opportunity to use LCD circular screens in the future, such as circular road signs on the road and circular operation interfaces of rice cookers, circular clocks, magic mirrors, etc., may sound a bit imaginative now, and I believe that in the near future, circular screen applications will gradually be seen in daily life.

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