Incoming materials under inspection by IQC worker
Full inspection for each polarizer
Outlook of glass with POL checked by IPQC worker

Early detection in defective materials leads to timely dealing with problems. The front-end control prevents following trouble.

Detection and records for per equipment by IPQC worker
Spot check in COG workshop by IPQC worker
Spot check on COG products passing electrical test by IPQC worker

Each production line is equipped with IPQC workers to inspect the equipments, the pressing state of COG/FOG. It ensures the reliability and stability of the product.

Testing Equipment

BL Brightness Test (BM-7A)
High temperature and high humidity test
Constant temperature and humidity test
ESD Damage Test
Simulative Vibration Testing
Salt Spray Test

Reliability trials based on different request to guarantee products quality.